Spanish Inquisition

Bryan and Me
as Cardinal Ximinez
and Cardinal Fang.

Cardinal Biggles, Cardinal
Ximinez and Cardinal Fang
(Terry Jones, Michael Palin
and Terry Gilliam)

This costume is based on the Monty Python characters the Spanish Inquisition: Cardinal Ximininez, Cardinal Fang and Cardinal Biggles. Unfortunately, there were only two of us, so we decided to dump Biggles.

We quickly decided that I was Cardinal Fang, and my husband Bryan was Cardinal Ximinez. This marked my first ever group costume, and my first real drag effort, as I wore a false mustache and beard.

The costumes are hand sown by myself after a simple priest pattern I found in a fabric store. I followed the pattern pretty closely, and designed the hoods and the sashes myself. Unfortunately I could not find enough fabric for both costumes, so they are made in different fabrics, mine being the more expensive, and unfortunately also the warmer.

I had intended on buying the hat, as they are hard to make, but due to an inability to find a good hat in the right color anywhere, I actually ended up sewing the Ximinez hat out of the same fabric as Bryan's robe. Some wire ensures the rigidity of the brim. I did end up buying the gloves and crosses, which I had planned on making myself, as I ran out of time. Sewing two complete outfits is really too much to do in 2 weeks, I am glad we didn't have a Cardinal Biggles!

My best Cardinal
Fang expression.

The original Fang
(as played by
Terry Gilliam)

It's tiring to get people
to confess to their sins!

The Rack

The Rack version 2